Bolt from the blues

Col. Osmani resigned from his post. This significant incident took place just before the Grand commander’s conference.

One day in a cabinet meeting Col. Osmani opened up. He told the Prime Minister in clear terms that if the Indian authorities, army and the intelligence does not stop their undue interference with the liberation war then he would refuse to remain as a showpiece Commander-in-Chief and will consider resigning from his post. He asked the Prime Minister straight,

"Whose war is this? If it is an Indian war then are we all just the pawns in their hands to help them to shift the capital of would be Bangladesh from Islamabad to New Delhi?"

After this out burst he submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister and walked out. Every body present were stunned at his sudden unexpected move. The Prime Minister and his other colleagues got panicked. The news spread like fire in the whole of Theatre Road. We all who were present got charged. Realising the heat of the atmosphere within minutes all the Ministers and the leaders left the Theatre Road in apprehension. Lt. Nur and I on behalf of the freedom fighters who were present at the headquarters went up to the Prime Minister to convey our sentiments. We told him,

"Sir, by any means you have to convince Col. Osmani as the Prime Minister to take back his resignation. Should you fail to do so then you can imagine what would be the result in the forth-coming meeting of all the commanders. We can just tell you this much that no one should dare to humiliate Col. Osmani till one freedom fighter remains alive. This will just not be tolerated. Beside his points are valid. You yourself had said before that you knew nothing about the creation of BLF/Mujib Bahini. You also said that you tried your utmost to reverse this decision but failed. And therefore, you had no other choice but to submit to their decision. Taking advantage of your weakness they are gradually expanding their net of evil design. We the freedom fighters are not in favor of getting a strangulated sick Bangladesh under Indian domination. Scores of people are not sacrificing their blood every day for such an sham independence. We are promised bound to achieve a genuine independence. If the other nations of the world could fight and sacrifice for 10, 15, 20 years to get their independence then why should we not be prepared to sacrifice and fight ourselves to get our independence? Many other nations took help and assistance, from friendly countries for their struggles but they did not sell themselves off. As the Prime Minister it is your responsibility to evaluate every thing carefully and to take necessary measures to protect the national interest. You have to be selfless and courageous enough to uphold the national interest at any cost. If you decide to move ahead with honesty, sincerity and integrity, we can assure you sir, you will not be alone in this march, many like us would be around you."

The Prime Minister listened to us carefully and said at the end,

"I shall do as you suggested." We also assured him before we left that everything possible would be done from our side to pacify the colonel. As we came out from the Prime Minister’s room, we gathered that a strong rumor had already spread that there had be a serious difference of opinion between Col. Osmani and the Mujibnagar government and Col. Osmani as the C-in-Cof the Mukti Fauj has ordered to arrest the entire cabinet, along with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister had already been placed under arrest and a few members of his cabinet could manage some how to run away from the Theatre Road. The rumor was amusing at the same time disturbing. Never the less by spreading such an unfounded rumor the Awami Leaguers had only exposed their own weaknesses.