Capt. Jalil reprimanded


Capt. Jalil and his commanders were finding it difficult to cope up with the limited armaments that they had. More arms and ammunitions were needed.

In the last week of April Capt. Jalil established contacts with the Indian intelligence agencies through some source. Through them he could manage to reach up to Fort Willium, the headquarters of Eastern command and procured some arms and ammunitions. However, he lost them all in an ambush on way to Barishal. Col. Osmani and the provisional government took serious reservations at the incident. Col. Osmani was particularly furious and decided to remove Capt. Jalil form the position of the sector commander. But most of the commanders including Lt. Nur and myself requested Col. Osmani not to take such a drastic measure to remove a popular commander like Capt. Jalil from the command. Such a decision would have surly effected the morale of the fighters. Col. Osmani under pressure from all of us finally changed his mind but Capt. Jalil was reprimanded for his misadventure. The provisional Awami League government and a section of the Indian authorities were very unhappy at the change of decisions.