Joining No 8 & No 9 sectors

Col. Osmani personally took me to be introduced to No 8 and No 9 sector commanders.                                                                                     

After shifting from 58 Baliganj to 8 Theatre roads One day Col. Osmani took Nur and me and set out for the headquarters of No. 8 sector at Bongaon. Bongaon is about 70/75 miles off from Calcutta on the Jessore border. I was introduced to Maj. Osman, the sector commander; I was also introduced to Capt. Jalil, No. 9 sector commander. Col. Osmani briefed both these commanders about my assignment. I also found Capt. Hafeez, Lt. Haleem, Capt. Huda, Capt. Salahuddin, Mahboob ASP of police, Kamal Siddiqui and Taufiq Elahi Choudhury both csp officers. I also got introduced to Capt. Mahfooz, Lt. Ziauddin, Lt. Shajahan Omer and Lt. Mahboob. I already knew some of them. All of them heartily welcomed me amongst them. After lunch Col. Osmani went back to the headquarters with Nur. I stayed back. Before leaving he divulged that very soon he was planning to call for an important conference for all the commanders of the Mukti Fauj, at Calcutta. In that conference the latest position of the struggle, future, strategy, tactics and other relevant subjects would be discussed and decisions would be taken about the future course of action. I was feeling great to be with the actual freedom fighters away from that so called Mujibnagar headquarters. Lt. Moti also left for the northwestern sectors immediately after I left. A new life thus started, in Khulna Jessore sectors. Some get away army personnle, soldiers from EPR, ansars, members of the mujahid corps and police formed the sector troops under Major Osman who revolted as the EPR regional commander. Sub divisional officer (SDO) of Norail Kamal Saddiqui and SDO Magura Waliur Rahman and Taufiq Ellahi Choudhury SDO Meherpur joined him alongwith their administrative staffs and forces. Local political leaders and the students also joined the registance movement under his command. Maj. Osmani raised 7 companies out of these fighting elements and deployed along the border. 1st company was deployed at the north at Mohesh Kundo BOP under Lt. Jahangir. 2nd in the south at Isa Khali BOP under Capt. Azam Choudhury. 3rd at further south around Jivan Nagar BOP, commander Capt. Mustafizur Rahman. 4th company was deployed along Kashimpur - Mukunderpur - Boyra area under Capt. Khandakar Nazmul Huda. 5th near Benapole custom check point under Lt. Halim. Later this company was placed under Capt. Taufiq Elahi Choudhury, 6th was deployed further to the south around Baksha - Kakdanga under Capt. Shafiullah and the 7th company at Bhomara - Gojadanga area under Capt. Salahuddin. Later Capt. Salahuddin had to leave his post and joined the headquarters to raise the C-in-C’s intelligence network at 8 Theatre Road. The company was then taken over by Mahboob ASP. At the end of May Ex-flight lieutenant Jamaluddin MP, Capt. Wahab and Lt. Inamul Haq joined No. 8 sector. Flt Lt. Jamaluddin was assigned as the staff officer in the sector headquarters. In the Jessore sector most important incident was the revolt of 1East Bengal Regiment under the leadership of Capt. Hafeezuddin Ahmad. The 1st Bengal revolted against Pak army at the Jessore Cantt and could break the cordon of the attacking Pak army and came across the border fighting gallantly to join with the sector troops under Maj. Osman. Brave and young Capt. Hafeez managed to reach the border with only 188 soldiers alive. Most of the soldiers of the Senior Tiger became martyrs in the battle. He established his camp close to the sector headquarters at Bongaon. Near to the Bangoan BOP a chunk of liberated territory was secured. Where the Bangladesh flag faltered till the end and was defended by Hafeez and his troops most courageously. Capt. Hafeez was a good friend of mine therefore; I decided to stay in his camp. Similarly after 25th March night crackdown and the announcement of Maj. Ziaur Rahman over the radio, Capt. Jalil took the initiative to organize the resistance movement at Barishal and Khulna. Lt. Ziauddin, Lt. Mehdi and Lt. Naser joined with him. Capt. Jalil rose from the ranks and later became an officer in the armoured corp. He was also helped by Capt. Huda, Lt. Shajan Omer, Lt. Khurshid, who was an accused in the famous Agartala Conspiracy Case. Later on a Young man called M.A. Baig also joined the 9 sector. He was trained in para jumps and frogmanship in Pakistan and served the navy as a midshipman. 9 sector comprised of part of Khulna, part of Faridpur, entire Barishal and Patuakhali. Capt. Jalil was the sector commander. In the first phase of the resistance movment in Barishal and Patuakhali Capt. Mehdi, in Khulna Shunderban Lt. Ziauddin and at the border areas Capt. Huda fought courageously against the Pakistan army. In the month of July 9 sector was reorganized. Barishal was placed under command of Capt. Shajahan Omer who was also a escapee from Pakistan Responsibility for Patua Khali was given to Capt. Mehdi, Khula and Shundarban were placed under Lt. Zaiuddin. Subedar Tajul Islam was given responsibilities of Pirrojpur and Bagerhat. Capt. Huda remained in charge of the border areas. The sector headquarters was first established at Hasanabad but was later shifted to Taqi. Capt. Jalil used to stay at the headquarters. Flt Lt. Fazlul Haq and Hafiz worked as his staff officers. Capt. Arifeen was also one of the staff officer. The main training camp was at Taqipur. Subedar Mr. Golam Azam was camp incharge. Chief petty officer M.U. Alam was incharge of the naval unit that was organized within 9 Sector. Capt. Ziauddin’s trusted aids were Foolmia and Modhu. Mukti Bahini camps were established initially at Taqi, Hasanabad, Hingle ganj and Shamshernagar. Later the camp of Hingleganj was extended upto Uksha. The war gradually spread all over Barishal and Khulna.