Kader Siddiqi was brought to lime light by the Indian agency RAW.

I recovered reasonably. Though not fully cured I decided to go back to the sectors by the end of September.

I still had the bandage on my left arm. War had already spread over entire Bangladesh. The occupation forces were at loss as the Mukti Bahini and the guerrillas attacked them from all around. Their moral was completely shattered. Against such fierce attacks the enemy had been forced to withdraw from countryside and take up defensive positions in the big towns and cities. Except the cities rest of Bangladesh has already become a vast liberated area under the control of the Mukti Bahini. Civil administrative networks were set up under the protection of the guerrillas and Mukti Bahini. Due to the achievements of the Mukti Fauj on the battle front, the independence of the Bangladesh was just a matter of time. It became inevitable. Freedom fighters were gaining more confidence and their moral and organizational strength were increasing with every victory they achieved. Guerrillas were also carrying out operations in the towns and cities including Dhaka in dark hours as well as in broad day light. The troops on the other side were dead seaced of the Muktis. The operational success stories of the guerrillas all over Bangladesh as well as in Dhaka city were being published and propagated by the foreign media almost every day. We were all in high moral.

Meanwhile BLF recruites were being inducted in the strategic positions inside Bangladesh after their training in Dehradoon. They were better equipped compared to Mukti Bahini. But they were not fighting against the enemies. On the contrary they were getting involved in anti people activities, such as extortion, torture loot and rape. In view of their such activities at places there were clashes between BLF and FF. When such disturbing phenomenon was creeping into the fiber of the liberation war a very interesting development took place. Suddenly Indian media and the press started giving unprecedented coverage to one of the freedom fighter named Kadar Siddiqui. Intriguingly he was blown up out of all proportions. We all got surprised. Kadar Siddiqui was a Naik in 1 East Bangal Regt. He was dismissed on disciplinary ground. It was really very puzzling why India should give such publicity to a man like Kadar Siddiqui who was nothing very exceptional other-wise and not even known to many till such propaganda was launched. The mystery got unfolded only after the political change of 15th August 1975. After the historic revolutionary change of government Mr. Kader Siddiqui from Tangail sent a telegram to the then President Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed. As his telegram failed to get any response, Mr. Siddiqui decided to run away to India and later with the assistance of the Indian authorities and agencies got involved into anti state cross border activities. Due to such nefarious activities one officer and two soldiers of Bangladesh army lost their lives in an encounter. During President Ziaur Rahman’s time he was tried in absentia and was convicted. Since then he lived in India taking political asylum. Indian media and press also tried to highlight Maj. Khaled Mosharaff as well. On the other hand Maj. Ziaur Rahman always had been neglected and never got his due share of publicity. The provisional government was always suspicious of him. Some of the leaders of Awami League even hated him for his historic announcement.