Historic decision

Our conscience refused to be pawns in the hands of RAW betraying the nation.                                                                                                           

We conveyed our decisions to Col. Osmani. We do not want to get involved directly in this Indian game plan. We do not wish to be a party to it what so ever. We have escaped to fight for the independence along side other freedom fighters. We want to join the Mukti Bahini not the BLF. We decided to accept Col. Osmani’s idea to post us as guerrilla advisors to the sector commanders. Lt. Nur did not want to join as his staff officer and wanted to go to the sectors as well. But then what shall be told to the Indian authorities. They may not take this decision favorably. Col. Osmani got an answer for that. He said, he will tell the Indians that he and Mr. Tajuddin both thought that we three do not have adequate political mooring and commitments to take up such responsibility to raise a political force like that of BLF. This kind of assignment should be given to totally commited political persons. Therefore, some others more politically conscious officers have to be selected to handle such a highly politicized force. The Indian authorities some how accepted their views and finally those student and youth leaders alone had to take up the responsibilities to raise BLF with the assistance of Indian army personnel. We got ourselves out from that conspiratorial design. It was decided to assign me with the responsibility to work as guerrilla advisor to the sector commander of No 8, 9 and 4 sectors. Moti was to be sent to No. 10 and 11 sectors with similar assignment. The orders would be issued from Col. Osmani’s secretariat. Col. Osmani brushed aside all our arguments and decided to keep Lt. Nur as his ADC cum personal staff officer.