Shapan my younger brother and my childhood friend Kazi Kamal uddin met me.

One fine morning I got a message from Capt. Khairul Anam who was based at Dharmanagar. He informed that shapan and kazi had reached Dharmanagar on their way to Murti for officer’s training course. They were inquiring about me. I requested Capt. Anam to sent them over.

They both arrived. I would meet Shapan like this was unimaginable. I was very happy to get them. I got all information regarding the family and friends. I also came to know all about their daring guerrilla operations at Dhaka. I intent to write separately about their hair raising stories. On the very on set of the freedom struggle Shapan, Badi, Kazi, Jewell, Rumi, Alam, Chullu, Badal, Fathe, Shacho, Sayeed, Bulu and Muhfuz had crossed over to Melaghar in Agastala under No.2 sector and again went back to Dhaka with arms after having their basic training to wage guerrilla warfare. Later Fazle, Zia, Tayab Ali, Ulfat, Samad, Haris, Mokhtar also joined their group. Their task was to carryout operations in the Dhaka city itself so that the news of the guerrillas get international publicity. That would help to mobilize world opinion in favour of the struggle. Not only that such activities would also disprove the claim of the Pakistan army that the whole of East Pakistan was under control. They played hell with the Pak army with their breath taking successful operation like Zurain, Gulbagh, Shidhirganj power station, Dholai Khal, Jatra bari, Green Road, Intercontinental, Farmgate etc. one after an other. The military government had declared a bounty of 20000 rupees on each of their heads. But that made no difference what so ever. They carried on with their operations in broad daylight hoodwinking Pak army’s vigilance right at the heart of Dhaka city. They dared to move around right on their noses without being detected. They really created a reign of terror for the occupation forces. ‘Mukti’ became a dreadful term for each one of them. The people of Dhaka saw a ray of hope in those activities of the ‘Bicchus’. The people with that nickname popularly knew the guerrillas. Most of the people had Doas for them. But again there were always Mirzafars among the Bangalis in every erra. Betrayal of one of such Mirzafar brought a catastrophe to them. The magnitude of this betrayal was no less than that of Mirzafar at Palasi. On 29th August, Badi one of their comrade went to meet one of their common friends Farid at his place on Rd. No.28 in Dhanmandi with prior notice. Farid happens to be the brother in-law of Mr. Zillur Rahman (Currently secretary general of Awami League). At about 12p.m.noon time, suddenly the army raided the house shortly after Badi had moved in and he was arrested. This was a clear case of betrayal and treachery. The chain reaction followed. Samad was picked up at about 4 p.m. the same after noon. Azad’s house was raided at midnight around 12. That night Jawell, Kazi, Basher, Azad, one of his cousin, his brother in law and a few other male members were rounded up from the house. Out of the whole lot Kazi made a desperate escape. He suddenly snatched the Sten gun from one of the officers and ran away in the dark firing his Sten. The event was so unexpected and sudden that before anyone could realize anything he managed to get away in mids of showers of bullets. Alam’s house was raided around 2a.m. in the morning. Alam’s house was close to Azad’s. Kazi some how managed to reach Alam’s house completely naked. Alam’s younger sister gave him a loongi to put on and asked him to runaway. Soon after Kazi had left, the house was raided. Alam’s uncle Mr. Abdur Razzak and his son Mizanur Rahman were picked up. As Alam was away that night he got saved.

From Hat Khota Shacho’s residence, his brother in law Belayet Choudhury was taken in at about 3 a.m. in the morning. Fathe and Shacho, both brothers fortunately were not at home that night and got saved. Mr. M.A Sadeq, elder brother of Chullu was a high-ranking csp officer. At about 12:30 a.m. his official residence ‘Terament House’ No.1 Elephant Road was raided and Chullu was picked up. Around mid night simultaneously Rumi’s House was also raided and Rumi, Mr. Sharif, Rumi’s father a government high official, Jami his younger brother, Masoom and Hafiz were arrested from the house. Our house at Malibagh was raided around 1:30/2 a.m. under the leadership of one Capt. Qayyum. Chullu after his arrest from the Elephant Road was taken to our house in a Jeep blindfolded. Chullu at first could not ascertain where he was. Suddenly he heard one soldier saying,

"Shapan bhag giya."

He also heard my father’s voice. He heard the girls crying. He could guess all my sisters, Mahua, Keya and Shangita were crying. My father, Mr. Shamsul Haq, a senior government officer, my uncle Mr. Mostafeez, Hashim and Shamu two of our male domestic aids were taken into custody. Around 5a.m. early in the morning Altaf Mahmood’s house was raided. Alvi a freedom fighter was present in the house at that time. But when he got arrested along with others he did not disclose his identity instead said his name was Barak. Samad who was picked up earlier was taken along blind folded at the time when Altaf Mahmood’s house was raided. People who were arrested were, Mr. Altaf Mahmood, four of his brother in laws, Alvi (Barak), Rasul and Naser. Later Alvi got his release due to his pseudo name. Thus the most successful guerrilla band which created havoc in the capital city of Dhaka got destroied due to the betrayal of Farid, the Mirzafar of 71. The two escapees Shapan and Kazi later met at Dholia khal base camp. From there to Melaghar. At Melaghar 120 of them were selected for the officer’s training course.

But both of them were reluctant to join the course and had requested Maj. Khaled Mosharaff and Capt. Hyder to send them back again with arms. They wanted to go back to rescue their comrades from the captivilies and reorganise. If they could rescue Maj. Khaled’s family and Capt. Nurul Islam Shishu’s family why then they will not be able to rescue Badi, Rumi and others? Their sentiment and passion moved Maj. Khaled but he thought very correctly that it would be impractical and futile to send them back for such a mission right at that moment and hence he decided to send them for the officer’s training course. They also proposed the same to me. But I also thought similarly and advised them to join the officers training course.