Prediction that came true

A group of journalists from BBC came and interviewed me at the Masimpur CMH.

In the month of July I was injured seriously for the 2nd time in the operation of Lathi Tilla. Mortar splinters as well as machine-gun bullets hit me.

I was taken to Masimpur CMH of the Indian army at Shilchar for treatment. However, I had to carry on even from my hospital bed. My cabin turned into a mini Ops room. I was helped and encouraged in this regard by Brig. Vodke, Col. Bagchi, Maj. Das Gupta and Capt. Chatterjee. All these officers were attached with No. 4 sector. While I was in the hospital, a group of journalist from BBC came over. They were going around to collect first hand information about the Bangladesh movement. They wanted to talk with me. I agreed and they came one day to see me at the hospital. I was still bedridden. After exchanging greetings one of them looked around my room and asked,

"It seems to be an command post. Being so seriously injured what have you been doing with all these?"

"I got injured that does not mean that the war has stopped. The war is going on and will go on. I am just trying to do whatever is possible to carry on with my responsibilities even with my present limitations". I replied. Another gentleman asked,

"We are told that you are one of the first to escape with two other officers from West Pakistan and joined the war. Your relatives and dear and near ones are all in East Pakistan, they may face some reprisal from the Pakistani army what have you got to say about that?"

"Our war is a national struggle. We escaped to contribute for this noble cause. Today members from most of the Bengali families have joined this struggle. They plunged themselves without thinking about their families or near and dear ones. My family members, dear and near ones will face the same consequences as that of the others. There cannot be any exception. So, I have nothing much to think about this. Only way we can save them from brutal reprisal is by achieving our independence. And that is why we are engaged in a life and death struggle. We wish to free our motherland from the occupation forces as soon as possible. There is no compromise on the question of freedom. InshAllah, we shall achieve our independence" I answered.

One of the visitors commented after hearing my replies,

"No power on God’s earth can stop your independence, where your motherland had produced sons like you."

I still distinctly remember those very words he uttered. Those words kindled at my heart as a source of inspiration and hope about the future of Bangladesh. I was an optimist. 8 crores alert Bangladeshis would definitely shatter all chains of bondage. They would stand up with their heads high defeating all conspiratorial designs against them. This interview was later broadcasted from BBC. My relatives, members of my family and deer and near ones came to know for the first time that I had escaped and joined the liberation war from that BBC broadcast.