Provisional government decided to post zonal administrators.

MNAs and MPAs and the bureaucrats were reluctant to move out of Calcutta, the safe heaven. Thus the plan flopped.

To strengthen their grip on the liberation war Awami League government took a decision after many meetings and conferences to employ the so-called elected representatives of their party as zonel administrators in the liberated areas to run the civil administration. The selected bureaucrats from the Mujibnagar government were suppose to help those representatives. But that never materialized. Most of the MNAs and MPAs as well as senior bureaucrats refused to take such risk and thus the sector commanders and the sub-sector commanders were compelled to take up those responsibilities themselves. The provisional government and their mentors never viewed this favourably. Occasionally some of these ‘indispensable’ leaders used to travel to the Mukti Bahini camps in the sectors to give motivation lectures. But they faced lot of embarrassments in their encounters with the freedom fighters. They could not face the freedom fighters in most of the cases. The freedom fighters used to counter these leaders saying, "this is not the time for eloquent speeches or party propaganda. We are now at war and we are fighting staking our lives. We are only interested to know what arrangements the government has made to procure more arms, equipments and supplies. We are in sea of problems. If you could not resolve those problems then least you could do is to leave Mujibnagar and join us here to share our miseries and sufferings. If that is not possible then don’t come for empty speeches and photographs wasting our time. It is better that you stay at Mujibnagar and wait for the independence. Once the country is liberated then come and meet us again."

Both the provisional Awami League government and the Indian government got alarmed and apprehensive at such reactions from the freedom fighters. They became increasingly doubtful about the loyalties of the commanders and the fighters.