Nerve centers in and around Kolakata

If any one needed any information or wanted to know anything about the liberation war or Bangladesh these nerve centers were the sources to be tapped.

The famous 3 Surhwardy Avenue was the official residence of Mr. R.I. Choudhury. But it transformed into a refuge camp for the elite classes. Around 17 families took refuge in that house during the war. They were mostly family friends and VIP’s. They came from different fields Politics, Civil Service, Business, Police, Army and News Media. Some of the noted ones were Begum Sajeda Choudhury and her husband Mr. Golam Akber Choudhury and family, Mr. Mustaqueem Choudhury and his wife Anna Khala and family, Rafi Akhter Dolly, Mr. Assaduzzaman and his family, Mr. Akbar Ali Khan, Mr. Kamal Siddiqi, Mr. Khosruzzaman and his wife Lucy Khala, Mr. Mamoonur Rashid and his wife Raka, Mr. Abdul Khaleq and his family, Mr. Waliur Rahman and Mr. Brozen Das. This house was considered to be the most important nerve center. Other centers were 19 Cirrucus Avenue Bangladesh mission, 8 Theater road Prime Minister’s secretariat and C-in-C’s headquarters, headquarter of the left political forces at Princep street, meeting joints of the Bangladeshi youths at Shialda and Bangladesh Betar. These places remained crowded round the clock and thrived on leaked out information, rumor and gossip. Therefore, one could very easily visit these joints at any hour of the day or night.