Rift developed between Tajuddin Ahmed and Khandokar Mushtaq Ahmed.

The Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister started differing on policy makers right from the beginning. Indian government also for some reasons was unhappy with Khandokar Mushtaq Ahmed.

Those differences widen every passing day and finally turned into rift after a rumor spread like fire that Khandorkar Mustaq Ahmed was maintaining secrete contacts with the American government through some CIA operatives by passing Mujibnagar government. It was alleged that through the good officers of America he was trying to established contact with Sheikh Mujib and Pakistan government for rapprochement and a political solution of the present crisis. He was supported by a sizeable influential right wing fraction of Awami League. As the rumor spread Gen. Yahya Khan also co-incidentally declared a General Amnesty. The announcement created serious repercussion among the Awami Leaguers and their leaders’. Many of those who were not convinced that Bangladesh could ever be liberated through armed straggle even seriously thought of going back accepting the amnesty offer. Although most of them were leading comfortable life at Calcutta, the safe heaven, they became restless and alarmed as the stories of their loot and plunder were getting exposed with the passage of time. These informations infuriated the nationalists and the freedom fighters alike. These corrupt lot wanted to return home at the earliest opportunity to getaway from the wrath of the people and particularly the freedom fighters. Others who also wanted to go back were those who could guess the Indian design and got alarmed. But Indian government was the biggest hurdle on the way for those who wanted to go back. Indian government did not want the provisional government to strike any deal for political settlement with Gen. Yahya’s government. Under Indian pressure the Mujibnagar government had to make a statement saying that the provisional government refuses the amnesty offer and shall not hold any dialogue with President Yahya Khan and his government. At that stage the freedom fighters were also against any such rapprochement. They thought it was too late for any compromise and wanted to fight till the last to achieve freedom. Thus the whole situation got even more complicated.

At that stage Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed, the Foreign Minister decided to get away from the Theatre Rd and shifted his ministry and secretariat to 19 Circus Avenue. Since then the Bangladesh Mission also became the seat of the Foreign Ministry. Foreign Secretary was Mr. Mahboob Alam Chashi. Mr. Kamal Siddiqui was appointed as his private secretary. With the approval of the Foreign Minister Mr. Moudud Ahmed and Mr. Taheruddin Thakur took the initiative to open a ‘mass communication centre’ with an aim to establish contact with the out side world and the foreign media as well as to liaise with foreign and local journalists. Although Mr. Moudud Ahmed as a young lawyer had been very active as a defense counsel in the famous ‘Agartala Conspiracy Case’, he failed to obtain an official mandate from the Awami League government for the cell to be functional. He at last wrote to the Prime Minister requesting a formal approval and to provide him an official status. But the Prime Minister did not pay any attention to his request. Not only that his request went unheeded but also for some unknown reasons a malicious propaganda was launched projecting Mr. Moudud Ahmed to be an opportunist and self seeker. Mr. Maudud Ahmed was shocked and disheartened at such malicious propaganda and negative attitude of the government. But nothing much he could do at that time. This incident added more fuel to the rift that had already developed rift between the Prime Minister’s secretariat and the Foreign Ministry.

In some time around September we came to know that Kandakar Mushtaq Ahmed, the Foreign Minister is going to visit USA via London. The aim of this visit is to lobby with the UN, USA and other heads of the states and governments who had assembled in New York to drum up support in favor of Bangladesh’s independence. Therefore this visit was going to be an important one. But at the final stage the provisional government canceled the visit. Not only that, Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed was even removed from the post of Foreign Minister and Abdus Samad Azad was put in his place. Mr. Mahboob Alam Chashi was also removed from the post of Foreign Secretary. Although government tried to maintain utmost secrecy about the reasons of such sudden changes, people came to know the reasons through leakage of information from the Prime Minister’s Secretariat at Theatre Rd. It transpired that Indian intelligence had come to know that Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed through his contacts during his trip would be meeting some US officials. Who in turn will arrange his talks with President Yahya Khan and Sheikh Mujib from London to find out a political solution of the present impasse. Once this was revealed to Mr. Tajuddin and his government this action was taken to abort Khandakar Mushtaq’s plan. This plan had the consent of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.