Freedom fighters were never trusted

During the liberation war the freedom fighters became the eyesores to ruling party and it’s government.

During the war when the in efficient and corrupt leadership were busy in securing their positions and ill gotten well, the freedom fighters were in the front fighting and sharing all the miseries with the people. They also vehemently opposed all nefarious designs of the despotic government and their foreign master. They fought tooth and nail to safeguard national interest. Their patriotism, courage, commitment and selfless sacrifice earned them respect. Their loyalty was to the nation, not to any individual or party. Thus they emerged as the natural leaders. The people in power found it alarming and considered them as potential threat. This is the reason why they were not rehabilitated later in the society at their rightful places. The freedom fighters were not even allowed to participate in the nation building process. Thus the spirit of 71 and aspiration of the freedom fighters got betrayed.