From obscurity to the supreme leadership                                                                       

Until 6 points program was announced Sheikh Mujibur Rahman never surfaced prominently in the course of political development in East Pakistan.

However, in 1954 Sheikh Mujib got himself involved in a shameful act when Jukta Front government (Haq-Bhashani) was in sesson , Sheikh Mujib along with his gongs stormed the provincial assembly and assaulted some of the members with chairs and sticks with connivance of Shaheed Surhwardy which gave an excuse to dissolve the provincial government. 6 points clearly explained how the west Pakistani rulers were exploiting East Pakistan. Although 6 points program was only a way to attain emancipation for the people of East Pakistan, the rulers smelled treason and termed the 6 points a design to disintegrate the country. Sheikh Mujib and some other top leaders were arrested and implicated in the famous Agartala Conspiracy Case, although Sheikh Mujib had nothing to do with that conspiracy. In absence of the leaders the 6 points movement stalled . At that critical time once again the students came forward to be the vanguard and formed an United Action Committee to forge grater unity with the people and launched their 11 points program under the patronage of Mulana Bhashani . There 11 points program caught the imagination of the people. The question of self-determination was the main issue. The hole of East Pakistan was swept over by the tide of the anti government movement. The 11 points program over shadowed the Awami League’s 6 points and gained tremendous popularity among the people. Mulana Bhashani turned the movement into a peoples upsurge.

As a result Sheikh Mujib got his realese from the conspiracy case. After coming out from the custody he had to admit in a public meeting at the Race Course, "What I see after being released from the jail is that 6 points of Awami League got dissolved in the 11 points movements of the students."

After his release due to people’s pressure Sheikh Mujib rediscover himself. He found himself to be the undisputed leader of the Bengali nation. However, this was not due to his own making. In our history the leaders time and again lacked behind but the people never failed. The nation at that time was egger to get the right of self-determination. They were restive, impatient to explode. But there was no leader in front with credible image. A leader with history of self sacrifice and charisma was the need of the our to lead the charged nation. Mulana Bhashani who was of that stature was in advanced age. He was known as to be the most uncompromising leader of the down trodden. He had no dearth of wisdom. But he lacked in organizational strength. Therefore it would not be possible for him to build up the movement into a vigorous revolution step by step and hold on to it till the final victory even though he was at the height of his popularity. On the other hand sensational Agartala Conspiracy Case by default turned Sheikh Mujib into a ‘fairytale‘ hero over night. In view of the above Bengalis had no other alternative but to accept Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as their leader.

11 Points program of students "United Action Committee"

The national crisis and the problems of the students were ever increasing due to the long practiced anti people policies of the government. The people and the students could not bear it any more and therefore decided to launch an united movement. The student bodies were calling upon the people to turn this movement based on their eleven points programme into and all out struggle against the autocratic regime to saveguard the interests of the people.


(a) Government policy to bring all solvent colleges of the province under their control to be stopped forth with. All colleges including Jagannath College those had been brought under the government control to be allowed to go back to autonomous status.

(b) To spread education among the people particularly in the rural areas more school and colleges have to be established through and all the educational through institutions, schools colleges which have been established through non- governmental initiative should get immediate recognition from the government. For vocational training more Engineering schools and colleges technical and polytechnic institutions should be established by the government. More commercial institutions are to be established by the government.

(c) In all the colleges of the province arrangement has to be made to teach at night as 2nd shift courses such as IA, ISc, I Com, BA, B.Sc., BCom. In fully established colleges in the night shift arrangements have to be made to run MA, Msc and Mcom courses.

(d) Students tuition fees to be reduced 50%. Scholarship and stypen to be increased. Scholarship and stypen can not be stopped for any student who takes part in student politics.

(e) In the Halls and Canteens the government should provide 50% subsidy to the food cost.

(f) Scarcity of Halls and Hostels needs to be solved.

(g) Mother tongue to be the medium of instructions at all levels. Bangla to be introduced in the offices and the Courts. Adequate number of experienced teachers and professors to be made available in all the educational institutions. Salaries of the teachers have to be increased. Freedom of expression has to be ensured.

(h) Education upto class VIII has to be made compulsory and free.

(i) Medical University has to be established. Automation system to be abolished, enrollment by nomination to be stopped, Medical council to be made null and void, Dental wing to be made full-fledged college. All these demands of the medical students have to be accepted by the government. The demands of the nursing staffs and students have to be agreed upon by the government.

(j) Automation system of the engineering education to be canceled. 10% and 75% rule to be canceled. Proper management of the central library and regular classes for the students of the final year and all other demands of the engineering students have to be agreed by the government.

(k) Polytechnic students should be given opportunity for the condensed courses. Board final examinations should be stopped and they should get their diploma and degree on the basis of the semester examinations.

(l) Textile, ceramic, leather technology, and fine art students all demands are to be accepted by the government immediately 10 points demand of the I.E.R Students, demands of M.B.A students, Law students and the social-welfare students must be fulfilled by the government. Commerce and Trade department of the Dhaka and other Universities to be made as separate full-fledged faculty.

(m) Legitimate demands of the students of the agricultural University and college are to be accepted. Condensed courses and other demands of the agriculture diploma students have to be agreed by the government.

(n) Student concession of 50% have to be introduced in train, launch and streamer fares on presenting the identity card. Similar concession should be given for the monthly tickets as well. Like West Pakistan 10 paisa fare for any destination within the city for the buses to be introduced in the East Pakistan. 50% concession in bus fare on longer routs are to be made available for the students. Sufficient number of buses for girl students to be made available. In all games and supports meetings and cultural functions organized by the government or semi-governmental organizations students should be able to buy tickets at 50% concession.

(o) Students must have job guarantee.

(p) The ill famed University Ordinance to be repealed. The Universities and the other educational institutions are to be made fully autonomous.

2. The National Education Commission Report the document of the government against the spread of education and the Himidur Rahman Commission Report to be canceled forth with. At the same time more progressive people oriented and scientific national education policy to be adopted by the government for the benefit of the students and the people.

(a) Parliamentary democracy on the basis of direct vote (adult franchise) to be established in the country. Freedom of speech and freedom of press to be guaranteed. Ban on daily ‘Itefaq’ to be immediately lifted.

3. East Pakistan should be given full autonomy on the basis of acceptance of the following demands:-

(a) The structure of the country should be federal and the constituent assembly will be sovereign.

(b) The federal centre will have the responsibility restricted to defence, foreign affairs and currency. On rest of the things the province will have absolute control.

(c) The two region will have same currency. Currency will be the subject of the centre. But there shall be such saveguard in the constitution that there can not be easy flight of the currency from the East to the West. In this system there shall be one federal reserve bank in the centre and East Pakistan will have a separate economic policy.

(d) All power to collect taxes and revenues shall be with the provincial government. The federal government will have no power to collect revenue. The provinces shall send a portion of the revenue to the centre as decided. The amount for each province will be specified in the constitution. All such transactions will take place through the reserve banks.

(e) Every province will maintain separate account of their foreign trade. All such earnings will go to the provinces as applicable and the provinces will have full jurisdiction on such earnings.

(f) East Pakistan to be allowed to have its own militia or paramilitary force. East Pakistan must have an ordinance factory and the navel headquarters to be shifted to East Pakistan.

4. In West Pakistan, Baluchistan, North West Frontier and Sind to be made fully autonomous and thus to create a sub federation.

5. Banks, Insurances, Jute trade, big and heavy industries to be nationalized.

6. Taxes on agricultural sector has to be reduced. All unpaid loan of the farmer have to be excused. Minimum price for jute to be fixed at the Rs 40 per mand and a just price has to be fixed for the sugarcane growers.

7. The laboures should get just wages. They should also get rightful bonus. Arrangements for the education, leaving quarters and medical care for the labour force have to be made by the government. All black anti labour ordinances have to be withdrawn and labours must have their right to strike and to form labour unions.

8. There has to be a comprehensive policy of flood control in East Pakistan and to harness water resources.

9. Emergency law has to be abolished alongwith all other oppressive ordinances and laws.

10. Pakistan must adopt an independent foreign policy and withdraw from CENTO, CEATO and Pakistan - America defense pact.

11. All arrested students, workers, farmers, political activists, leaders in different jails have to be immediately released, all warrants against them to be lifted, and Agartala Conspiracy Case and all other political cases have to be withdrawn forthwith.